12 lesser known facts about NUTELLA

Nutella or let me call it mighty Nutella or My Nutella or just NutellaSee when you love something to this extent, you don’t find words to explain it to someone. Nutella the most famous and loving bread spread in this whole universe is not just a spread but has some facts about Nutella which are behind the bars and are lesser known to people or Nutella lovers.

Let’s move on to the lesser known facts about NUTELLA you may have never heard of:

1. A jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds in this world. To know more one person is born every eight seconds. You can calculate stats now.

facts about nutella

2. It is far more spread than we think. Nutella is available in 75 countries and is one of the most eaten things in breakfast around the globe.

facts about nutella

3. Nutella was first introduced in European markets in 1964. It became available in America in late 1983.

4. The Family that owns Nutella have an estimated worth of $26 billion. They can construct their own chocolate house if they want to.

Source: guim.co.uk

5.  You can circle the world 1.4 times with the amount of Nutella sold every year.

facts about nutella

6. World Nutella day is celebrated on February 5.

facts about nutella

7. When Nutella was first launched in 1964, it was an instant hit and becomes widely popular.

Source: blueapron.files.wordpress.com

8. Nutella consumes 25% of the world’s hazelnut supply.

facts about nutella

9. Nutella is also a hit on Instagram. It has around 6.5 million posts tagged in hashtag #NUTELLA.

facts about nutella

10. You can light fire with Nutella because of the amount of fat it contains.

Source: 3dprint.com

11. Approximately 1.35 million pounds of Nutella are produced every day.

Source: grist.files.wordpress.com

12. You could cover the Great Wall of China 8 times with the number of jars of Nutella sold worldwide in a year.

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According to me: For those who have never have the goddess opportunity to taste Nutella have no right to live on this earth anymore.

featured image source: lifehack.org

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