12 Facts about Linux that you had no idea about.

Facts about Linux? How many of it do you know? The depth of Linux is so deep that each and every time you dig in you gets to know something entirely new. Linux is open to thousands of developers worldwide for improvisation and is also among the top choices of the developers. It is one of the largest open source project currently in development in terms of lines of code. Thousands of developers are engaged in developing it from all around the world. So there have to be some great facts related to it.

Here are some facts about Linux that will surely make you want to dig deep into it.

1. Linux ain’t any OS, actually, it’s a kernel. GNU Linux is the OS.

2. Linux kernel was written, by a 21-year-old guy as a part of his hobby. His name is LINUS TORVALDS.

Source: Softpedia news

3. The first Linux kernel occupied only 65 KB.

4. Linux kernel had more than 18 million lines of source code in its 3.18 version in 2015 and the rate of improvements in it is about 1300 changes per week.

5. The Department of Defence in the US uses Linux. The Red Hat Linux runs the nuclear submarines of the US.

Source: Fossbytes

6. Microsoft Windows and the Linux kernel can be used side by side on the same computer using a software called Cooperative Linux (coLinux).

7. The Scientific Linux controls the particle accelerator at CERN.

Source: Youtube

8. Visual effects of Titanic and Avatar were developed in 3D applications on Linux platform using FOSS software.

Source: The mary sue

9. Out of 500 supercomputers, 498 run on Linux.

Source: Youtube

10. All the bullet trains in Japan use Linux to maintain and manage the Automatic Train Control system.

11. The In-Vehicle-Infotainment technology (IVI) inside Toyota and other automobiles use Linux platform.

12. Linux powers the New York Stock Exchange.

Source: Encyclopaedia

So, amazed by these facts about Linux? Do share the knowledge.

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