Facts about IBM that you should know!

Do you know most interesting facts about IBM? IBM is one of the most influential companies in the world and is known for constantly ‘pushing’ technology and innovation forward. Despite the market dominance of Apple and Google, it is still an important aspect in the growth and innovations in the new technological era. It’s been here in this world for more than 100 years now.

Here are some facts about IBM that will let you know about this tech giant. 

Facts about IBM

1. IBM (International Business Machines) was founded on June 15, 1911, as a corporation Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation (CTR).

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2. IBM computers provided American astronauts landing on the moon. (Mission Apollo: 1969-1971).

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3. Bellsouth IBM Simon was the first real smartphone, according to the experts.

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4. IBM employees Leo Esaki, Georg Bednorz, Alex Buhler, Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer were rewarded with Nobel Prize.

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5. In 1996 IBM computer Deep Blue, beats the famous chess champion, Garry Kasparov.

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6. In 2008 the Year Award, IBM became the first company in US history with more than 4,000 patents acquired within one calendar year.

7. While helping his daughter to solve a puzzle, an employee of IBM thought of a new design for the keyboard of the classical model ThinkPad Butterfly.

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8. IBM are the creators of the smallest film in the world.

9. IBM created a new generation of the chip containing one million artificial neurons and 256 million synapses.

10. Apple’s ‘Think Different’ slogan is considered a direct shot at IBM’s “Think” badge.

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11. Every major modern gaming console is powered by IBM’s CPUs.

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12. The green IT movement originated in 1971 was IBM’s Blue initiative.

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So these were some facts about IBM that you didn’t know. Are you surprised with the work contributions of IBM or not?  Do share the knowledge. 

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