13 facts about Bisleri you would have not known till now.

We all have drink it at least for once in our life but have you ever tried to know about it. That is the largest brand of purified water in India, Bisleri. Know these facts about Bisleri and be amazed.

1. Bisleri is owner by parle group who invented Limca and Thumbs up and Mazza.

facts about Bisleri

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2. As per Wikipedia Bisleri has 60% market share in packaged drinking water industry in India. This is huge

facts about Bisleri

3. It was launched in 1965 in Mumbai but later in 1969 parle group buys it from Signor Bisleri who founded it.

4. Bisleri is quite old. In comparison, Mazza and thumbs up were launched in 1974 and 1978.

5. Revenue from Bottled water: 94.6 million dollars

6. Bisleri Broke The Guinness World Record By Collecting 1.1 Million Plastic Bottles.

facts about Bisleri

7. Bisleri has 80 bottling plants Pan India, amongst which 12 are their own and 68 are licensed.

facts about Bisleri

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8. It is not only about water now. Bisleri has also jumped into energy drink URZZA and ‘Bisleri POP’ in four flavors. Bisleri POP is a range of fizzy soft drinks.

9. The bottles used at Bisleri are manufactured at the Bisleri plant itself to avoid any possible contamination.

facts about Bisleri

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10. In 2006, Bisleri changes its design and packing from green to blue to differentiate itself from the emerging competition

facts about Bisleri

11. Bisleri uses only Grade 1 PET bottles for its products.

12. Bisleri is recently launched in U.A.E with an interesting campaign (photo now)

facts about Bisleri

13. It is a brand of mineral bottled water so popular in India that the brand is used as a generic term for mineral water.

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