Why dogs chase cars? Reason will Amaze you!

Ever wondered why do dogs chase cars, run, and bark behind them. Honestly, I thought they wanna die real soon..seriously but the actual reason is much different than what it seems to be.

Dogs chase cars for the same reasons they chase kids on bikes, cats, small animals and other dogs: They are either playing a game or they are hunting. To a greater or lesser degree, chasing involves a dog’s natural prey drive. The object isn’t necessarily to catch the other dog; the real fun is just running around.

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Dogs tend to get excited very easily due to their observant and curious nature. Moving vehicles rushes up these instincts, increasing the urge to chase them.

Dogs are terrestrial animals, they define their boundaries and if someone surpasses it, they get angry and hence they bark and run behind them. Also, one of the reasons they bark because they sense a feeling of danger around them as fast moving bikes and cars are no mattered a threat to them like ways.

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Dogs chasing speeding vehicles is their natural instinct. They like the thrill of the competition, through which adrenaline starts pumping in their veins. They enjoy running with this sudden burst of adrenaline.

Also, animals like dogs and bears have a natural attraction towards running at something that is constantly getting away from them. This is also the rationale when some people say that you shouldn’t run from an animal.

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Dogs hate the voices of an engine. It’s irritating for them, so they fight it by barking and running at them and so dog chase cars. I have seen many dogs start the chase when you approach a speed breaker or stop and start or a slow turn. Basically, dog chases this car when they are slow, that is when the diesel engine clatter sounds high.

So, You got to know something interesting, you know now why dogs chase cars don’t you? Do share the knowledge  🙂

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