Difference between the Internet and World Wide Web(www). Explained!

This question always confuses me. When I was asked this question, I simply replied that they are the same thing and this is what most people in the room did. But do you know the difference between the Internet and world wide web (www)? Whenever people thought about these two terms they don’t hesitate to use it interchangeably but these two terms are not synonyms to each other. Though related they can not be used in place of each other. We always think in the way that Internet and www are more or less the same things. But the scenario is completely different.


The Internet is just a vast collection of computers connected to a network. It is a massive networking infrastructure connecting millions of computers across the world. These computers can communicate with each other as long as they are connected to the internet.

This connection over the computers (network) is made via underground cables, satellite links, and many other sources.

The word “Internet” actually refers to all the hardware infrastructure present in the network. Such hardware includes computer systems, routers, cables, bridges, servers, cellular towers, satellites and other pieces.

All these connection are made via rules and regulations set over them which is generally called as INTERNET PROTOCOL(IP).

A Smaller form of internet in which only a limited computers are connected is called intranet. So think about the internet as a connectivity module in which many computers are connected together. These connected computers can communicate with each other via the server and with the mutual intent of two parties.


In simple words, www or just the web is the way by which one can send or retrieve the data over the internet. It is the information sharing model which uses HTTP and HTTPs protocol to share information. It can be thought of as a software layer that sits on top of this structure(internet) and allows users to find and interact with data on computers around the world.  Not only text based but

Not only text based but audios, videos and whatever not can be shared via the web. Data shared on www is in the form of a specific language (HTML) and it needs a web browser like Chrome and Mozilla to parse the information for making it viewable and interactive to end user. Most of this information is accessed through websites and we identify websites by their domain names. So when ever we access a website, or just type Google.com in the browser, then connection is established via the internet and then www help us in bringing the necessary data via the internet connection.

So the www is just the information sharing model which is built on the internet. The Internet is also used for email, which relies on SMTPinstant messaging and FTP. So the Web is just a portion of the Internet. To make things more distinguishable, the internet was developed way back in the 1960ss and www was invented by Tim berner lee in 1989.

So, this is what the internet and world wide web are. A different yet related term. Do spread the knowledge!

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