Difference between HTML and HTML5

“HTML” or Hypertext Markup Language is a programming language that you all might be aware of. This language is used to create the base of beautiful websites and is the reason why it is still surviving in the programming market. Now, do you know the difference between HTML and HTML5? An upgraded version? or something better than the previous one? What is it?

Let’s  end scratching our head and move directly to the points that will make you know the difference between HTML and HTML5.

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Number 1:

Integration of video and audio into the language’s specifications is one the most noteworthy difference between HTML nd HTML5.

Number 2:

Vector graphics are introduced as an integral part of HTML5 such as SVG and Canvas.

Number 3:

HTML5 also allows JavaScript to run in the background which is made possible because of JS Web worker API in HTML5.

Number 4:

Websockets are available in HTML5.

Number 5:

Web pages can now store data locally on the user’s browser because of HTML5, which eliminates the need for HTTP cookies, therefore faster and more secure delivery of contents.

Number 6:

New input attributes including email, URL, dates, times charset, async, ping. Also, new APIs that offer offline caching, drag-and-drop support.

Number 7:

For the better display of mathematical notations, HTML5 supports MathML.

Number 8:

Consistent error handling and support for more web application determine another positive aspect of HTML5.

Number 9:

HTML5 makes mobile support easier for web developers which were one of the major headaches for them earlier.

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So, these were the differences between HTML and HTML 5. Share and spread the knowledge.

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