Difference between Expressway and Highway!

The Difference between Expressway and Highway? What is the main difference between Expressway and Highway? Do you know it or you have been just thinking that you know the difference? Well, it’s tricky to get the answer here as it’s a DIFFICULT question.

Well, here is the answer to the difference between Expressway and Highway.

1. Highways are meant for connecting 2 or more cities while Expressway is majorly used for connecting 2 major cities.

2. Highways have intersections between them that connect them to different destinations while Expressways do not have intersections.

3. An expressway is a high-speed road with partial access and extra facilities like access ramps and lane dividers. It may or may not be part of a highway.

4. A highway is merely a high-speed road connecting 2 or more cities, whereas an expressway is a high-speed road with 4 or more lanes that may or may not be a part of a highway.

5. Expressways have overpasses and over intersections.

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