Deadliest spider : Brazilian Wandering Spider

I hate spiders, seriously these 8 legged freaky looking monsters are one the most feared species on the Earth. Arachnophobia (the fear of spiders) affects around 5% of the population including celebrities as Justin Timberlake and JK Rowling. At last, I m not alone in this category.

Spiders with their twin pair fangs inject venom in opponents body which sometimes leads to their death. And it probably doesn’t help their cause that they feed by turning their prey’s insides to liquid and then sucking it up.

This tiny fraction of the more than 40,000 species of spider poses the real danger to humans as their bite is much worse than that of a mosquito. It is estimated that during the whole 20th century spiders were responsible for in the region of only 100 deaths globally.

Now, with so many spiders around and each one looking that freaky, what can be the world”s most dangerous spider, what all special abilities it may have to make it most deadliest spider.

Source : rainforest expeditions

We are talking about Brazilian Wandering spider which has a Guinness world record of being the deadliest spider in the world. Let me tell you one thing also, this spider ain’t from Australia. Shocked, Australia which is considered as the home of most dangerous species in the world doesn’t hold this record.

What is it?

The Brazilian Wandering Spider (Phoneutria-fera) is an aggressive and highly venomous spider. It was first discovered in Brazil hence its name. However, this monster is known to exist elsewhere in South and Central America. The Brazilian wandering spider can grow to have a leg span of up to 4–5 inches.

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There are two other major side effects to the wandering spider’s bite; firstly there is intense pain and secondly, you will have an erection for several hours if you are male, sadly that is also very painful. Brazilian wandering spiders are active hunters.

The Brazilian Wandering spider will usually search for cover and dark places to hide during daytime, leading it to hide within houses, clothes, cars, boots, boxes and log piles which usually causes accidents when people disturb them.

Source : the telegraph

Their aggressive nature and close contact with humans have resulted in a number of deaths over the years. In one tragic case, a single spider was responsible for the deaths of two children in São Paulo.

Here have a look at the video :

I never wanna have an encounter this spider, in fact, this being the deadliest spider if it comes in front of me, either I will run away or will KILL IT!

featured image source:Steve Downer Wildlife Cinematographer

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