Dead Mermaid found at Great Yarmouth Beach!

You might be thinking, hey no mermaid ain’t real, you bluffing with us. But wait! They aren’t just fantasy creatures told to us by sailors and ship captains. They are real and they do exist. Legends of these half fish and half human creatures are from around 1000 years approx from 586 A.D.

Washed up on the Yarmouth beach was neither a human nor a fish but both. Sounds creepy right!. With all the organs out and teeth barred, this creature ain’t from this world or it is and has been hiding!

This corpse was seen near Yarmouth beach

Source: elite readers

Don’t look at the photograph too closely if just had a meal, the rotten flesh will spoil your mood for sure!

Source: elite readers

So, what was it? Is it just an art or a real mermaid from the world of The little mermaid? Here is the answer, check it out.

featured image source: Your News Wire

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