Most craziest sport festival in the world : WHITIANGA FESTIVAL OF SPEED.

You all must have heard about the various craziest sport like Wing Suiting, Hot Air Balloon race, Ski Jumping, Bull fighting and much more. But wait! the best has not yet arrived.

Check out this crazy sport which you would ever come across.


This sport is also considered to be amongst the world’s richest and craziest sport.

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The Whitianga Festival of Speed is a popular MotorSport festival which is held annually in New Zealand. The event includes a helicopter race, an offshore powerboat race, jet ski racing, rally car vs. helicopter racing, and parachute swooping, among other events.


An Amazing fact about the Whitianga Festival of Speed is that if you are willing to participate in this festival, all you need to do is go through the needed formalities, have all the required equipment and most importantly you should have a helicopter. The finances needed for all the equipment alone is in the six figure area, at least.


There is some crazy stuff which sets this sport apart from others, it could be the variety of vehicles used in this sport or a helicopter flying above your head, speeding its way to the victory or it could be a boat running at a bullet’s speed !!

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Among all the events in the Whitianga Festival of Speed, the most amazing and crazy thing is to watch a race between a Rally Car flying low and a Helicopter flying high.

Check out this video of Whitianga Festival of Speed 2009:

The Whitianga Festival of Speed (craziest sport) was for the first time held in 2009 in New Zealand, and since then it has been free for its spectators. Since 2009 till date, this event has proven out to be quite successful, the famous events of which being 2009, 2010, 2011 and more.

source: sail world

source: sail world

So, guys ain’t this sport crazy..?? What hasn’t it got, bikes, cars, boats, helicopter….which surely prove out to be quite attractive.

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