Which is better to choose : CFL vs LED ?

CFL vs LED? What will you choose for better energy consumption and better savings so that you can make up with that money in terms of shopping and drinks? 😉

Time to find out the answer to the most confusing “CFL vs LED”. Here are some points to consider and get to know what has been baffling us through a very long time.


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1. LED costs more at purchase but lasts longer. CFLs are cheaper, but if broken become not so convenient very fast.

2. If you enjoy a directional light for reading, cooking, or working at home, you might prefer the LED bulbs. For general home lighting, such as illuminating a room, CFL might be best.

3.  LED makes very nice lighting for effect and decorative purposes.

4. LED emits very less heat as compared to CFL.

5. The primary disadvantage to CFL lights is the mercury contained in the bulb. This is ordinarily not a problem, but if the bulb breaks, clean up is a hassle.

6. The same LED string of holiday lights could still be in use 40 holiday seasons from now, according to Energy.gov.

7. LEDs have less impact on the environment and human health.

8. LEDs offer greater cost savings.

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Decide yourself now, CFL or LED!

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