BULANDSHAHR RAPE CASE:Is this the INDIA we Praise About?

We Indians have a great habit of praising ourselves and our country to the outside world.It’s good even beneficiary we should do it but just one time digs deep inside,that deep where you can feel your soul and ask yourself is this the India we praise about where politicians play common people as a puppet for their renewal over every 5 years for their KingShip.From deep down from our heart, we know we are played by the emotional connection to our country,to a particular mindset that is developed from our surroundings.Let me ask you something,IS IT ENOUGH?Seriously IS THIS ALL-TIME PRAISING ENOUGH?

In this scared country,Girls are getting raped every day.I don’t know I grew up listening to these horrible things and what’s worse it is still increasing like fire.I still remember NIRBHAYA CASE in 2012,It still give me chills,I lost my faith in humanity and yes I was scared as this will repeat again.No girl is safe even a small girl of 5 years is getting molested by Monsters to a married woman having a child is gang raped with her daughter in front of her husband.Yes, this is happening and we just take a corner to all these matters,console for them and stay in fear as an act like this won’t happen for our beloveds.And now this horrible and shameless Bulandshahr rape case.

For nearly three hours on Friday night, a woman and her young daughter were gang-raped near a highway in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr. The men of the family were tied up and beaten in the fields.The police post was just about 600meters ahead and guess what the rapists raped the girl and her mother,beaten them and no one heard them,scraped the soul out of them and YES NO ONE HEARD THEM.

Just imagine,Girl’s father was tied and he saw his family getting assaulted in front of his eyes.Same daughter that he raised with his own hands with care that every Dad does and guess what the result,SHE GOT RAPED.

Mulayam Singh Yadav,father of CM Akhilesh Yadav once said about the rapist getting hanged for their act “Bacchae hai galtiya ho jati hai”.Please, someone, tell him if something like this ever happens to his family would he use the same words.

“Congrats you did a great job”

Due to his shameful comments,Rapists are now so fearless that they raped child and mother by dragging them out of their car just 600 meters away from the police check post.Congrats Mulayam sir your words did motivate these Rapists.


“Place of shameful act”

The brutal GangRape known as Bulandshahr rape case of the woman and her teenage daughter took place on Friday night.The shameful act was done by bandits on gunpoint.

The incident took place at Dostpur village of Bulandshahr on Delhi-Kanpur highway .The incident occurred near bypass when the family from Noida was travelling to Shahjahanpur via National Highway 91 (NH 91).

As they neared Dostpur village, the robbers who were hiding in the bushes along the road flung an iron rod at their car. When the driver slammed the brakes and got down to check, robbers emerged and took the family at gunpoint.

The criminals dragged the family out of a car near Bulandshahr.Shockingly, 12 criminals gang-raped the 35-year-old Noida woman and her 14-year-old daughter for close to three hours.

The robbers isolated four others of the family and gang-raped the woman and her daughter.Robbers snatched Rs 11,000 and some jewellery and fled. The family had started from their Sector 68 home after midnight.

They were going to attend the Terah Nuvi (rituals held 13 days after a death) of a relative.On Saturday morning, the family managed to reach the nearest police station and lodge a FIR.


“Save her”

The 12-year girl who was raped said, “She wanted to be an IPS officer”.She was just a little girl just like other ones like her.Who could have told her that her innocence is soon going to be snatched?It’s really sad in our country that even girls of the age 5 are also not safe.I mean 5 dude,she is just obsessed with her little toys and Papa’s kiss.

The girl was forced to cover her face each time a politician entered the house and she was visibly uncomfortable with it.The girl’s mother, who was also raped, said she would trust people who are seemingly expressing support to her and her family only when the talk was followed up with action. “All these people will leave after some time. But we want action against all the accused men,” the visibly upset 35-year-old said.

“All these people will leave after some time. But we want action against all the accused men,” the visibly upset 35-year-old said.

“I had bruises all over…my daughter was bleeding…but the doctor didn’t believe us. She said we were lying about her condition,” the 35-year-old rape survivor.


Arnab Goswami expressed his emotions in the front of the public over Bulandshahr rape case and the wrongs done by Azam Khan and his manipulative take over this matter.

For full discussion watch here

She said,” Papa whenever I try to sleep I still see those faces over me”.

Here is what I have to say To the little child “I heard the news last week.I heard that 12 monsters just swapped you out of the car and did bad things to you.I know you are hurt both physically and mentally.Your soul is shocked but this is to tell you “Stay Brave”. You have to fight this.This world is full of monsters,you don’t  have to lose hope.Fight it,we are with you,India is with you.”

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