These 20 bookshelves will surely increase your love for books.

Books are love. Bookshelves are their caretakers. Though I am not talking about academics books to be very sure, but for a person like me, Books are everything. Every book holds some power in it and if this power is utilised effectively then it can take a person to the heights of success. Just look at any of the great personality of this world. You will surely find a book or two written by that person. Books are the best source of knowledge. So what about a mind blowing beautiful BOOK SHELF on your home. It’s my personal dream to have an amazing bookshelf in my room.

Here are some beautiful bookshelves from around the globe that you will surely love:

If even these bookshelves don’t take your heart away then maybe this creative structure of books will:

Or maybe this Book Store

All images source: Bookshelf Porn

Featured image Source: decorationera

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