Beautiful Arabic sayings that will clear your mind!

Arabic words are one of the most beautifully crafted words with meanings and sayings that surely touches the soul. Also, it’s said for beautiful Arabic sayings that, they give most soul touching and head clearing messages for the youth.

So, here are some of the selected beautiful Arabic sayings that will surely calm your soul and express the philosophical thought, worldview, and morality of the Arab world.

1. An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.

2. Open your mouth only if what you’re going to say is more beautiful than silence.

3. A single mistake ensures a double misfortune.

4. Ask the experienced rather than the learned.

5. With a sweet tongue and some kindness, you can drag an elephant by a hair.

6. If you’re an anvil, be patient; if you’re a hammer, strike hard.

7. Stay away from evil, and instead, sit and watch it.

8. Whoever seeks a faultless friend remains friendless.

9. Defeating pride makes you good. Overcoming anger makes you cheerful. Overcoming passion makes you successful. Overcoming greed makes you happy.

10. If you’re afraid — don’t do it; if you’re doing it — don’t be afraid!

11. Don’t open a door that you won’t be able to close.

12. Men who do not forgive women for their little faults will never enjoy their great virtues.

13. If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.

14. Keep a green tree in your heart, and perhaps a singing bird will come.

15. The wise with a wink, the fool with a kick.

16. When you shoot an arrow of truth dip it’s tip in honey.

17.  The necessary connection of movement and time is real, and time is something the soul constructs in movement.

Source: The importance of languages

So, how did you like these beautiful Arabic sayings, the words, and their meanings, surely it clears the head out of doubt and energises the soul.

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