These 38 amazing photos from all around the world will surely amaze you.

We live in a world of amazing photos. The 21st century has seen much of photo craze that almost every piece of shit in this world is somehow somewhere captured in a photo.

Just imagine around 1 million photos has been clicked in this world till the time you read this article. See you are so much behind and you just loose to be a part of these 1 million photos. Anyways there are 38 incredible photos that you may have never seen before.

1. An ice cave in Iceland.

2. Cemani-Ayam breed of chicken.

3. When forest creates its own sculpture.

4. Room with two sides in France.

5. A 3-d grass globe illusion.

6. A dress from a Viktor Rolf collection.

7. Drawn from coloured pencils.

8. Lizard shed his entire face in one go.

9. A child’s skull before losing baby teeth.

10. A frozen pond in Switzerland.

11. Rarely seen back of the hoover dam before it was filled with water in 1936.

12. The runway at the Gibraltar International airport.

13. Sand bar off the Bermuda triangle that caught 16 ships.

14. Clarity in water.

15. Shadow of the surface of the table on a lady’s leg.

16. Bamboo forest in Japan.

17. Lake Sameranger with clear water.

18. Zhangjiajie national park(china).

19. Bridge over icy water.

20. The Fukang meteorite.

21. Geometry in cabbage.

22. The north Korean military and civilians at the stadium of Kim-Il-Sung.

23. The six-foot jump of an antelope saves her from death.

24. An old boat at the bottom of a drained channel.

25. Jacobs well(USA).

26. Path laying machine.

27. Perfect click.

28. Trees in Schonbrunn park.

29. This is how rock climbing looks from above.

30. Yosemite national park at night.

31. Long exposure shot of planes landing route.

32. A fish that eats prey up to 10x its mass and twice its length.

33. 1 million different colours in the single picture.

34. Cross section of an aeroplane.

35. World’s deepest swimming pool.

36. Coins stacked in such a way that they extend past the edge of the table.

37. Perfect cubes of Pyrite formed by nature.

38. The internal mechanism of a one of the expensive watch in this world.(amazing photos)

“Amazing! Aren’t they.”

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