A new innovation in Virtual Reality World: Moggles mobile VR goggles.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the areas which are a hype right now in this technological advance world. New innovations are hitting the market daily and there are so much that it’s getting difficult to find the best one out of it.

Coming to Virtual Reality Goggles, of which I am a great fan, one has hundreds of choices in the market. As Samsung dominating the market with its great VR goggles, it is hard to find an alternative for this one. But the harsh reality of this VR goggle is its size and its non-portable nature.

So there is a need for finding out a VR goggle which is portable and offers the better quality than any other VR headset in the market until one day I get to know about Moggles mobile VR goggles

Now let’s get to its specifications directly and in the end, your thoughts will surely coincide with mine as this being a great product and a must buy for every VR fan out there.

Moggles made this product as portable as they can by fitting it into a box which is merely in size as that of your palm. This VR headset has the ability to fold into a thin hard case, protecting the lenses, while you’re on-the-go with the case thickness of only 50 mm.

Precise optics, comfortable fit and no light leaks have made this product to give users an ultimate experience of Virtual Reality.

The lens size of this VR headset is 35 mm which gives the user a wide field of view to increase the immersive feeling. Also, removable face foam allows customization with different thickness to comfortably fit all face shapes while also making it more hygienic.

The Moggles VR Headset has a removable hatch in the front to reveal the smartphone camera for augmented reality (AR) usage. The VR headset is compatible with all smartphone brands with phone display sizes up to 6” size.

“Your smartphone is designed to provide accessible and portable entertainment wherever you are, whenever you want it. We believe that a portable, smartphone-based product, such as a Moggles, should fulfill the same criteria”,

-says Daniel Sandvik, Co-Founder and CEO at Moggles.

Moggles has made VR headset a must buy for everyone. A truly portable VR.

This amazing VR headset is available for purchase at price of €69 or 5200 Indian rupees only. You can grab yours from the nearest store or can order it online from Moggles website directly.

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