8 Things that can be done with Python

Every Programming Language comes with it’s own unique features.Though some are limited to a specific domain while others cover a good range of Domains on which it can be used.Same is the case with PYTHON.

Introduced in 1991,Python has been evolving exponentially since then.It can be used to work on any domain.You just name it and Python will surely have a module of that.

It is considered as the most powerful language you can still read.It is a great first Language as well as it is a great last language for any Programmer.

Even schools today have shifted their platform from C++ to Python in a process of making it first computer language for students to learn just because of  it’s amazing simplicity and gigantic Power.

Almost all the tech giants out there use Python for their development.Apture, Google, Dropbox, Eventbrite, Mozilla, Quora, Pinterest, Reddit, SlideShare, uberVU, Yelp, YouTube, edX all are involved with Python

There are lots and lots of things that you can do with python.Among them,Major ones are:

Data Analysis

Currently, Data analysis is one of the hottest topic in IT industry and probably the highest paying too.It can be done effectively with Python.Competing with previously established R for data analysis it has successfully formed his grip in the market and is relatively easy for one who has basic knowledge of programming.

Python modules used in Data Analysis are:


-Numpy and Matplotlib.

You can kickstart your learning Data Analysis with Python here:Pandas Official Website

Web Crawler

Website source Code

With Data analysis currently trending in market, you can implement your own web crawler with Python to extract data directly from websites and servers.No backend process needed.Easy enough?

BeautifulSoup and Scrapy are its most popular module for Web Crawling.

Web development

Python can be used to build server-side web applications.Though not used in Web Browser(JavaScript still dominates) Python code first converts into .js code to run on webBrowsers.

Django is the most popular module used for web development with Python.Though there are many other modules which are doing the same.Flask, Web2py, Pylons, Zope2, Giotto, CubicWeb are used for web development with python.

Data Science

Similar to Data Analysis,Python is now widely used for machine learning and artificial neural network.Using some of the knowledge from Data science and Stats. you can easily build your own algorithm for machine learning.

Sklearn is the module used for machine learning.

Game development

Game developed using Python

Python can be used to make game bots manually.Pygame is a perfect solution. You can do some really amazing stuff in python.Here is a complete guide for making games with Python

Build Plugin

Build your own plugin for MOZILLA and Sublime Text and publish them on the official market via Python.This guide will teach you how to get started.


One of the best book for Python Networking

Python has same socket module as that in java but with more power and more ease of use.Protocols like HTTP,SMTP ETC can be easily implemented in Python.


You can code raspberry pi in python as well as it can be used to implement logics in Robot Technology.


Apart from all this, there are lots and lots of things that can be implemented with the help of Python.Python comes with some advanced build in modules as well as constant developing third party modules which give its user enormous power.Since its birth, it has become a major part of Industry and is powering soo much resources that one can’t even Imagine.Almost all the major technology that we use today is directly or indirectly powered by Python.

It’s relatively easy to learn.Here are five compelling reasons why it should be your first programming language to learn.

Here are some good sources from where you can kick start you python learning process.

several other courses on edxcoursera and udacity

Do start Python today.

“Happy Programming”

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