6 things that can be done with OTG Cable

The best part about a technological element in today’s world is that a single element can be used in that many ways that we could have ever imagined off.Same is the case with OTG.Abbreviated as On-The-Go, It is a device which allows USB devices such as mobile phone or music player to act as a host allowing other USB devices to connect to them.OTG makes it possible for devices to connect with each other and share data leaving behind the traditional restriction of connecting devices only with PC/MAC.You can always check whether your device supports OTG or not(in these cases use the mighty ‘Google’).Mostly all the smartphones today support it, leaving behind some out-dated ones.

Here are the 6 things that you can do with OTG:

1. Connect hard drives and pen drive to your Phone

Obviously, this one has to be on the top of the list.Now with OTG device you can connect Pendrive and harddrive directly with your phone without any use of PC.You can exchange data with your harddrive where your phone provides necessary environment to harddisk to run its internal operations.Data exchange can be done with the help of File Manager application on your phone.

2. Connect mouse and keyboard with your Phone

Feel like navigating your Phone just like your PC with a mouse and a keyboard attached, then this one is for you.With OTGyou can connect keyboard and mouse to your phone and perform operations just like you do with your finger.This can come really handy when you have to write an e-mail or any other text document.

3. Play games on your phone with Game controllers

Don’t your fingers get tired playing your favourite game on your phone or don’t you want more control over that game that is right there on your phone.If this is the case that otg is the one  which is missing in your life. You can connect game console with your phone and play your favourite game like a Pro.This comes in especially handy when playing racing, action/adventure and shooter games.Though some phone supports this feature right away while others require your phone to be rooted.

4. Charge another phone

This might be the most interesting use of OTG.You can charge your phone with another phone with OTG device.All you need to do is to connect the two phone and the one that is acting as an OTG host will start charging another phone. Isn’t it Sweet?? Right.

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5. Control DSLR

This one is for photographers.Though aren’t officially supported. You can connect your camera to your phone and your phone will start work as a live screen with features such as capture, focus, ISO and other adjustments.All you need to do is to download one of the many applications that are available on PlayStore.

6. Connect printers directly from your phone

No need to transfer files to your PC to print them.Much like keyboards and mouse, printers can work well with android devices that can be connected via OTG device and print directly taking data from your Phone. It is the must have things and the best part is it’s price. You can always buy it from here:



‘There are lots of other things that can be done with OTG. Keep us posted if you find another one.’

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