Batman completed 50 years in Industry.

It’s been 50 years since the masked vigilante from Gotham first made his appearance on screen, and it has been an incredible journey. With some disastrous movies like Batman and Robin to some impressive iconic characterization of heath ledger as the joker, The intention behind this story is to pay a tribute to all those movies and what’s better than going through all the movies, yes! we are doing it right now.

Here is a list of Batman movies that built Batman’s legacy through 50 years, alongside comic book universe.

1. Batman (1966)

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The first batman movie to hit the theatres was titled as Batman in 1966. The dialogues and effects seemed to be incredibly silly in contrast with movies made today. Adam West played the role of Batman and was also the main lead in the Batman TV show.

2. Batman (1989)

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After a long exile, Tim Burton was roped in for this much-awaited movie. With 3 years of it’s making and Michael Keaton as Batman while Jack Nicholson as the impressive Joker, This movie made the fans go WOW! 

3. Batman Returns (1992)

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With the last movie making huge success and money, Tim Burton came back with his cast in 1992. This time the main villain was Penguin played by Danny DeVito who gave an equally brilliant performance as the joker did in last one. Also, not to forget the role of Catwoman played by Michelle Pfieffer. With better effects and better story this movie was considered as the best batman movie of that time.

4. Batman Forever (1995)

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Although Batman Returns was phenomenally great, the dark theme it adopted was little scary for the kids. To make it more peppy and cater to the young audience, Batman Forever went back to it’s roots being and quirky and funny movie. Van Kilmer was introduced as the new Batman with Jim Carrey as The Riddler.

5. Batman and Robin (1997)

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With a great roster of actors, this movie was a disaster in the Box office. George Clooney played the role of the new vicious Batman and Chris O’ Donnell was Robin. Arnold Schwarzenegger played the role of Mr. Freeze which was not as enticing as it would have been along with the rest of villains.

6. The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005-12)

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It’s been eight years since the conclusion of the Dark Knight Trilogy. With previous movies being tanked at the box office, Christopher Nolan came to the rescue and made up a masterpiece that we endured. He made Batman look more dark and realistic. Christian Bale played the role Batman in all the three movies. Also, The Dark Knight(2008) is the best Batman movie with the epic role of the legendary heath Ledger as the joker.

7. Dawn of Justice (2016)

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The latest rendition of Batman played by Ben Affleck witnessed mixed reactions from fans and critics. We get to see that the Son of Gotham takes on Son of Krypton. Affleck pulled off a dark and gloomy Batman and did justice to the role. 

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