5 Ways To Make Someone’s Day


We all have times in our lives when our days go from busy to full, to “I cannot manage one…more…thing.” It’s in these times where the seemingly small acts of others can make a huge difference trust me. Uplifting a mood can make someone’s day and at the same time,it can make yours too, and therefore, make his or her workload seem a bit more controlled or dealt with without difficulty. That, in itself, is good medicine. And anything that makes this life a little better for all of us is a good thing. Here are 5 ways by which you can surely make someone’s day:

One: Smile

“Peace begins with a smile.” 

A warm, caring smile can transmit a silent message of connection and kindness . A smile puts the others at ease because we are not coming across as being unfriendly or as a threat . The others see that the smiling person is approachable, in other words, a friendly smile is an unspoken permission on our behalf for the others to reach out and connect with us. This amused,kind or pleased facial expression can make anyone’s day . 
Therefore, a smile plays a huge part in one being able to form a good first impression that lasts forever, and it also has a constructive effect on all future interactions. For instance, if one smiles when they meet a friend, it shows that they are happy to see them. This makes people more comfortable.

Smiling should happen without much thought. This simple act sends a message to the brain that  you’re happy and creates a positive aura around you. The people around you with the positive vibes will be attracted, so you can see there is also a scientific explanation regarding a simple smile.

So next time when you see someone sad or unhappy just smile and be someone’s source of satisfaction.

Two: A Big Bear Hug

A hug is basically an affectionate embrace where you actually feel very comfortable. Probably we use a hug to express our love and care. Hugs boost your happiness level and make you feel more loved. Sometimes it also reduces your pain.

Apparently, when you hug someone, you are offering a form of social support and receiving some in return. The supportive gesture actually reduces stress and releases the “ feel good ” hormones, dopamine and serotonin.

Basically, a good hug is the fastest way for you to get oxytocin flowing in your body. Oxytocin, also known as the “love drug”, calms your nervous system and boosts positive emotions. Here’s how a good hug resulting in oxytocin flow affects you:

  • It lowers your blood pressure, especially helpful if you’re feeling anxious.
  • It lowers your cortisol (the stress hormone), enabling a higher quality of sleep.
  • It can increase your social connections and a sense of belonging.

Because of these findings, it might be no surprise that studies have also shown that couples who hug more are more likely to stay together.

Three: Show Gratitude

Showing gratitude is simpler than a ‘thanks’ without further thought. To improve the quality of your life and the life of others, it is important to show true gratitude for the things you are grateful for.

Showing gratitude can make people happy and make them love you. It also helps you to strengthen your emotion and make a good bond among people. It also makes us optimistic, less self-centered, reduces envy and helps us to bounce back.

Show your gratefulness and let people in your life know just how much you appreciate them and how grateful you are to have them.

Four: Give compliments

Who doesn’t love compliments? A few nice words can help a person lot more than you think.It can make someone’s day a little more sunnier. When you give a compliment, you’re more than likely going to get one in return. Everyone  deserves compliments often. One single compliment can change the entire day. When you compliment someone it shows that you have paid attention towards the efforts. One genuine compliment can brighten someone’s day. When you truly feel that someone deserves a compliment and you give it to them, you become happier.

When you receive a great compliment, you feel absolutely incredible, as though all self-doubt just melts away. That is the effect you want your’s to have.

Getting a sincere compliment gives us the same positive boost as receiving cash. Compliments really are one of the easiest two-way streets available in terms of spreading happiness around you and increasing your own. The more you compliment, the better you feel.

Five: Leave sticky notes with thoughtful messages

Such a fun idea!! Sticky note is the best invention ever. Put sticky notes with words of encouragement and inspiration. It is a way of spreading kindness. Sticky notes have profound impacts. We all need some cheering up from time to time, particularly when things go wrong, and our energy drops. Managing your state is a great strategy as it helps you be and stay at your top when you need to.

Use your sticky note to make someone’s day; it could be for your boss, your friend, your spouse, your partner, anyone. It will boost up their energy level.

Sometimes all you need is these little things the most and when you get this, you feel more loved and valued. It leaves a smile on your face.


“Remember there’s not such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”  ~ Scott Adams



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