13 Dating moves to match her mood and save your day!

Dating!, seems easy but is more than that. Every little detail is being noticed and moreover than that it judges you how good you are in involving yourself with another person. Now let’s assume you did well on a first date and maintained all the important gesture that you needed, but what after that? Yes! many people think it’s just the first impression that works but listen you gotta give efforts right and here are some of the kinkiest and thrillings moves that will thrill her mood and will make her want you more.

I have mentioned each one of the points into five categories

I: Interesting

S: Sexual

R: Romantic

A: Adventurous

N: Novel

Let’s begin!

1. Dancing: I, S, R

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2. Cooking dinner together: I, R

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3. Giving massages to each other: I, S, R

Source: mamaplus.md

4. Reading erotica together: S, N

Source: WhatCulture.com

5. Role-Playing: I, S, A, N

Source: Goodreads

6. Visiting a new city together: I, R, A, N

Source: demilked.com

7. Taking her on an unexpected date: I, R, A, N

Source: Dress up

8. Gifting new lingerie: I, S, R

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9. Giving flowers for no reason: I, R, N

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10. Taking bubble bath together: I, S, R, A, N

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11. Trying a new sex position: I, S, R, A

Source: Lovepanky.com

12. Exchanging sexual fantasies: I, S, R, A, N

Source: Medical Daily

13. Having sex three nights in a row at three different places: I, S, R, A, N

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This article was based on the survey of 500 girls on being asked what excites them the most, Learn it, Mark it and update your dating persona! 😉

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