11 types of delicious pizzas around the world.

Pizza, your mouth started watering right, that monster filled with cheese and toppings mmm I love it. We all love pizzas. But do you know how many types of delicious pizzas around the world are there? I am not kidding.

Well, I had no idea before reading about this as the only pizzas I knew were the one on the menu card of a particular franchise. Same with everyone.

But to my surprise and to all of your surprises, there are much more types of delicious pizzas around the world served and eaten. Through this post, I am going to tell you and make you see all different types of delicious pizzas around the world.

World’s Most Expensive Pizza

Crème fraîche, salmon roe, caviar, lobster, truffle, edible gold.

Source : Imgur

Chicago Deep Dish

Crispy deep dish crust, fresh tomato sauce, cheese

Source : Imgur


Tomato sauce, cheese, sliced kebab meat, yogurt sauce, pepperoni

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Greek Pizza

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, feta, kalamata olives, fresh tomatoes, oregano, dill

Source : Imgur

Tarte Flambe

Thin crust, crème fraîche, white onions, bacon lardons

Source : Imgur


Guanciale, Pecorino-Romano, heavy cream, scallions, black pepper, eggs

Source : Imgur

Mexican Black Bean Pizza

Tortillas, cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, onion, black beans, salsa, green chiles pulled pork, chorizo (casing removed)

Source : Inspired Taste

French Bread

French bread sliced lengthwise, tomato sauce, cheese.

Source : Imgur

Sushi Pizza

Fried rice crust, sashimi, scallions, tobiko, spicy mayo

Source : Imgur

Pizza Cone

Dough baked into a cone and filled with layers of sauce, cheese & toppings

Source : Imgur

New York Slice

Thin crust, tomato sauce, cheese, large slice


Source : Imgur


So, these were the types of delicious pizzas around the world. Which one did you like the most? How many of them have you already tried? Comments are most welcomed.

 Featured image source : youtube
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