10 strange laws around the world!!

Laws are made to be followed! Any disciplinary activities towards them can be harmful to your health. But what if I say that there are some laws in the world that are just too idiotic, oh I am sorry, crazy is the word, yes! too crazy that even the lawmaker would have laughed. These are strange laws!

So, for all of you, Here is a list of the world’s strange laws or urban myths that are followed wholeheartedly no matter how crazy the may seem.

X. FRANCE : It’s illegal for women to wear pants.

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IX. OKLAHOMA : It’s illegal to make funny faces at a dog.

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VIII. SAUDI ARABIA : It’s illegal for women to drive a car.

Source : Al zazeera

VII. MINNESOTA, USA : It is against the law to hang female and male underwear together on the same washing line.

Source : Wonderlist.com


Source : Petroff Law Offices

V. JAPAN : It’s illegal to be overweight.

Source : Women’s Day

IV. DENMARK : It’s illegal to pay unless you are full.

Source : wonderslist.com

In Danish restaurants, you don’t have to pay for your food unless, by your own opinion, you are ‘full’ at the end of your meal. If not, you can proceed without paying the bill at all.

III. BRITAIN : It’s illegal to die in the parliament!

Source : The Independent

II. UTAH : You can marry your cousin only if you are above the age of 65.

Source : wonderlist.com

I. SINGAPORE : It’s illegal chewing gum.

Source : Livestrong.com

Have you ever thought chewing gum may land you in prison? Yes, It’s happened! Chewing gum is completely illegal in Singapore since 1992.No gum is allowed to be bought or sold in Singapore and there is a $500 fine for spitting out gum on the streets.

So, mind fucked! These were the strange laws that are wholeheartedly followed around the world!

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