10 facts about OLA you have never heard before

OLA India’s biggest taxi app has evolved in a tremendous way. We all know about OLA and the way it is trying to beat its biggest competitor The mighty UBER. In spite of the level of UBER, OLA has almost succeeded in attaining gain over the market and is performing well. Though there are still some glitches in its system(poor service sometimes) but the way it is acquiring Indian market is way beyond awesome. An Indian company doing such massive growth is far more than appreciable. Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati, OLA founders have worked really hard to achieve this milestone.

Apart from a Taxi rental app, OLA has done much more to it. It is the first startup in India to enter the Unicorn club.

Here are some facts about OLA which you would have never heard before:

1. OLA is the third most valuable startup in India and the most valued startup in cab industry. Only  Flipkart and Snapdeal are above OLA in the startup league.

2. Both Bhavish and Ankit are IITians and have raised around $1.23 billion in 8 rounds from 20 investors till date which(around INR 8,600 crore).

3. OLA never asks its drivers about their religion and there is no column of religion in any documents related to driver.

Source: quora

4. OLA was started as a trip package company named Olatrip.com. It was then both the founders found the need of a good cab service and started OLA cabs.

5. OLA was started in a small room in Mumbai.

Source: yourstory.com

6. The most common names of drivers registered on the OLA platform are Ramesh (3079) & Suresh (2661).

7. OLA is growing at an exponential rate and its revenue this year is around 30 times more than that of last year.

8. Business tycoons like Ratan Tata also hold some stake in OLA.

9. If we calculate the average kilometres run by OLA cabs every day that would equate to 10 time the distance between Earth and moon. This is Huge.

10. OLA is the first cab firm to offer cab sharing feature which was hugely loved by it’s customers because of Low fares.

11. In March 2015, Ola bought one of the most promising startups ”Taxi For Sure”  making deal of 200 million USD.

12. OLA has a fleet of 3,50,000 cars. Now if we will make these cars stand in a row then they will stretch from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

13. OLA receives around 1 million orders daily.

Apart from all these astonishing facts OLA is really performing well and is trying hard to compete with its biggest competitor UBER. The recent $3.5 billion funding of Uber should have also raised concerns in minds OLA founders, but still competing with a $62.5 billion valued mighty Uber and performing at this level, OLA will sure be a number one company in its segment.

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